Hopefully you are good at preparation and, possess the skills required to ensure everything is done in a ‘proper’ manner because, you’re going to need to dig deep should you want a ‘stress free’ office move. If you aren’t geared up properly then it could well cause you a few problems;

Start as you mean to go on

When you’ve actually made the decision to relocate, the rest of the process should be reasonably straightforward. Begin by talking one thing at a time, step by step. Delegate, if you need to and, take the opportunity to introduce a ‘sense check’ process into your business plan, clearly things change pretty quickly in life so you may want to schedule your next ‘sense checks’ on a quarterly basis.

Take a good look at the terms of your business property lease. If you plan to depart early, you may forfeit your deposit. You may also be held liable for any breakages or damage to the space caused either prior to or, during, or after the transfer. Make that you’ve gotten all your ducks in a row and communicate with your team, assign responsible people for certain parts of the moving process.

Once you’ve got your base plan sorted out you can then start getting setting your moving budget, to help prevent overspending. You’ll then want to get quotes from office removalists in Melbourne, speak with a variety of moving companies, to find the best available service and so that you get the best value for money. Be sure to check out insurance requirements too, you may see what looks like a really good deal, however, you may be liable if something goes wrong, even if it isn’t your fault.

Communication, Repeat, Communication

Once you’ve determined your moving date, it’s critical to contact internal and external stakeholders, notify your present landlord and/or property management, and provide official notice when you’re certain. You should also tell all members of your team of the move date and new office address; some may not want to travel to a different location whereas others could be over the moon!

Write yourself a checklist of everyone to whom you need to communicate a change of address with, assess your current employee list and, make sure it is up to date. Another really important thing to make sure of is that your client and service supplier lists are up to date, it will be equally important to ensure that certain team members are aware of their tasks ahead of time.

Ailani Koda