Why it’s Important to Seal Asphalt


Asphalt is an odd substance. Many of us don’t give it a second thought, even though it has become a common feature of our daily lives. Blacktop roadways are an essential part of the infrastructure of many of our communities.

Sealcoating is needed on asphalt since it’s so porous and vulnerable to harm. For those of you who have ever questioned why sealing asphalt is so vital, please continue reading. We’ve listed four compelling arguments that we believe everyone should be aware of.

Sealing Provides Protection From Moisture

Water can inflict a lot of harm to objects, although many of us don’t always realise its extent. Asphalt is not immune to this rule, particularly in locations where cold temperatures are common. Moisture can penetrate the asphalt, and the expansion of the water as it freezes can result in cracking, compromising the surface integrity of a significant section of road.

Even without freezing, water may degrade asphalt during wet seasons. Where there is a total washout, you may even lose the underlying base rock and gravel, resulting in significant damage over time.

Necessary Protection from the Sun’s Rays

Moisture isn’t the only problem that asphalt faces. The intense UV rays from the sun also create a myriad of problems. Think about all those pictures you see of a long asphalt road stretching out in the desert. Most of that asphalt is faded and cracked. This is an accurate portal of why asphalt sealing in Brisbane is so crucial.

Ultraviolet radiation can degrade a wide variety of materials, including the binders and aggregate in asphalt. Sealcoat contributes to long-term protection from damaging sections of the spectrum, extending the life of asphalt in the wild.

Sealing Asphalt Extends its Life

Asphalt has a relatively short useful life. This material deteriorates more quickly than concrete, and it is more vulnerable to harm from the environment and passing automobiles and trucks. When done appropriately, a seal coating may greatly increase the life expectancy of an asphalt-based construction project’s overall lifespan.

The result is that a sealed road, driveway, or parking lot will endure far longer than it would have if the work had not been done since it helps to avoid damage that would otherwise accumulate over time.

Retains its Black Colour

Over the years, we’ve all seen roads that have become sun-faded and weathered. Many homeowners detest the appearance of fading asphalt, even if there is no substantial damage. While it may not be as crucial for streets, most of us want our houses to be attractive.

Sealing the asphalt will aid in the preservation of the appearance of asphalt for a longer length of time. So, even if your driveway is older, it will retain its black asphalt colour rather than the dusty concrete look.

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