When Purchasing an Under-Desk Foot rest, keep these following in mind


HUANUO is the maker of the next best footrest. It’s an ergonomically designed footrest that works well with ergonomic office chairs to support and encourage better sitting posture while also reducing back strain. The Adjustable under desk foot stool is a great purchase for the office or at home because it supports your feet and legs without you even realizing it.

Choose from three different back heights to suit your needs:  Furthermore, the tilt range is 0-30 degrees. Simply lock in your chosen angle and relax while the rocking action relaxes you. This rocking motion has the added benefit of encouraging blood flow to your legs and feet, which improves circulation. This footrest also features a textured surface, which massages your feet while you use it. Users have complained that the locking mechanism might be difficult to lock into place, so we recommend being hard with it:

  1. Durability

The quality and durability of a footrest is one of the first things to consider when acquiring one. No one wants to keep spending money on items that break down in a short period of time, which is why it’s critical to look for high-quality products. If you choose a wooden footrest, make sure it is strong, indestructible, and well-coated. To ensure optimum comfort, choose a padded footrest that is composed of pure, high-density foam that is firm but comfortable.

  1. Portability

Another item to consider before purchasing a footrest is its portability. If a footrest can’t be simply relocated from one section of the house or office to another, it’s useless. Footrests in the shape of a sling or hammock are available for this purpose. These are foldable and can be taken with you on the bus.

  1. Adjustability

Finally, adjustability is one of the most significant aspects of a footrest. A footrest should be adjustable in height from 11 to 18 inches, as well as horizontally from 10 to 25 degrees. These values are often applicable to people of all heights, whether they are very tall or very low. Also, the adjustment levers should be easy to handle with your legs, so you don’t have to abandon your work, bend down, and start adjusting with your hands.

Price Ranges for Footrests for Under-Desk

  1. Inexpensive

Under-desk footrests are typically priced between $15 and $20. You could get a hammock, a plastic footrest, or a simple metal adjustable footrest that may or may not be adjustable for this money.

  1. Mid-Range

Under-desk footrests in the mid-range will cost between $25 and $40. Footrests in this price category are more comfortable than the preceding ones. For this price, you may receive a padded footrest with firm yet soft foam that is easy to clean and includes an extra cover.

  1. Expensive

The cost of a high-end under-desk footrest will range from $45 to $90. Under desk foot stool at this price point are unquestionably the best and have a variety of functions. They’re well-padded, foldable, adjustable, and include footrest pads that may be removed. They are also available as stools or ottomans, with several functional modes such as massage and heating.

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