Occupational therapy, or OT, teaches people how they ought to adapt. Additionally, it assists them in performing all kinds of tasks at work, in their homes, and in schools. This kind of treatment assists people if they suffer from a kind of injury, pain, disability, or illness that makes it tough for them to continue their job, finish household chores, care for themselves, participate in activities, or move around.

In occupational therapy, patients have a meeting with their health professional, known as an occupational therapist. This person comes forward with various methods in which he can change the movements of patients. As a result, they can do their job well, play sports, remain active, and, most importantly, take care of themselves or their homes. When you take therapy at home in San Antonio to get occupational therapy, you can accomplish many things:

  • Do clean-up or laundry jobs around the house
  • Bathe and dress properly
  • Participate in various leisure activities
  • Eat yourself without taking assistance from others
  • Do your office work 

The job of an occupational therapist

An occupational therapist does his job with people regardless of their ages. They work with premature babies, young kids, midlife adults, and adult people too. The therapists observe how a person does his task or activity. After this, they devise a plan to make the job easier for him. When it is your very first appointment with your occupational therapist, he will evaluate your requirements.

He will visit your workplace or home to see the things you do. Additionally, he will observe the alterations you need to make. Now, if an OT does his job with a child, he might visit his school too. The therapist might tell the patients to move furniture. At times they also ask them to get some kind of assistive device, such as a grabber or cane. The job of the occupational therapist is to show people how they can do their regular chores better.

The occupational therapist also works with people to make a highly effective therapy plan. He also sets some goals that cater to their disability, limits, or needs. He can train people to augment their motor skills, adapt their movements, and accomplish various jobs in novice ways.

Other services

The job of an occupational therapist involves the following:

  • Prescribing and training people in using some assistive devices, such as wheelchairs or raised toilet sets.
  • Teaching people novice ways to tie their shoes, button their shirts, work on their computer, and have a shower.
  • Addressing behavior issues in children who hit others
  • Working on many motor skills so that people can grasp a pencil better.
  • Building eye-hand coordination so that people can hit tennis balls.
  • Aiding people in organizing their household tools or medicines. 

The final thoughts

At the time of an appointment for occupational therapy, an occupational therapist evaluates a person’s goals and abilities. Commonly, the therapist from a reliable therapy at home in San Antonio begins by reviewing the medical history of a person and asking him some questions regarding their regular lives and what they do.

Ailani Koda