Summer Vacation Homes: Building your Dream Home by the Sea


After years of hard work and saving money you are finally ready to build your very own summer vacation home near the beach. It’s understandable to be excited and maybe a bit overwhelmed. Building your own summer dream home comes with its own challenges. From finding the location, hiring builders and designing your home, there’s plenty of work to be done. But remembering a few things during the process with help you navigate through the build so you can enjoy your new beach vacation home before summer starts.


As anyone in real estate will tell you, location is one of the most important factors when choosing a home. This rings true for choosing a site to construct a home. When deciding where to build a house near the ocean, even more considerations must be made.

Some things you may want to think about when buying land for a house near the ocean may include:

  • Tides, water levels
  • Bedrock; foundation
  • Potable drinking water sources; wells or streams
  • Power grid, municipal services

You want the home to be protected from any rising water levels due to tides or storms. Property with solid bedrock is great for setting a strong foundation upon which to build the house. Also think about things like electricity and water hook ups with the city or county you are building in. These will need to be looked into before you start as it is important to set up before the house goes up.


Choosing the right build team is another important decision you will need to make if you are building a beach home. The key to a successful build is having a team that works well together and meets important deadlines. Many have plans and layouts that you can choose from as well as classic design concepts. You can find the best Hampton home builders Brisbane has to offer to design the perfect home with a wraparound porch with a beach view. Having strong communication with your build team is the key to getting the home design and aesthetic you want.

It may feel like there is a lot on your plate. While you are dealing with your build team and finding locations you still have life going on back at home. It’s important to listen to the contractors and trust them to execute their jobs so you have less to worry about.

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