Spring Cleaning: How to Keep Things Organized During a Big Move


It is one thing to work toward keeping your home clean and organized, and another story entirely to clean out your home in the event of a big move. Plenty of homeowners do not realize just how much junk they have until it is time to clean it out when moving to a brand new household. It can often lead to plenty of stress, and most homeowners simply resign themselves to a miserable time during the move.

While there is no denying that moving can be frustrating due to all of the responsibilities that come with it, keeping your home organized does not have to be such a challenging ordeal. With a bit of preparation and adherence to a few best-practice methods, you can get the job done without issues. Here are a few ways to keep things organized during a big move.

Give yourself plenty of time to prepare

While it goes without saying, leaving things to the last minute will only result in a stressful and frustrating experience overall. If you want to have an easier time keeping the home organized for the big move, it is all about pacing yourself and starting early. With enough time, you can pack up most of the essentials without having to expend too much effort and you can clean your home at an organized pace.

Provided that you give yourself enough time to work on your home, even the messiest and most cluttered households will be cleaned with little to no issue.

Write up a schedule of what to pack

Preparing for a big move is all about understanding what necessities to pack, and which things to leave unpacked until the last minute. For example, if you pack up the things in your kitchen early on, you will have to rely on purchasing food outside until the move. It would be a good idea to work on what you think are the most crucial things to pack – as well as the overall timing.

If you are having too much trouble on your own, hire help

While it is understandable not to hire a cleaner due to a lack of funds, keep in mind that you only need to hire their services for a short time. You only need them to help you pack and keep your home organized for the big move, after all. That said, it would be a better idea to go for Evergreen junk haulers if you are dealing with rusted vehicles or junk that happen to be too heavy to move. There’s no point in stressing yourself out trying to do things on your own.

Moving to a brand new house can be an exciting but frustrating experience for many. Fortunately, the tips above will aid you in keeping things together as you prepare yourself for the big move!

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