Professional pest control in Centralia: Pointers to consider


You have seen signs of evident pest infestation at home and are now wondering whether it’s time to call a professional pest control company. The truth is pests and rodents never really go away on their own. You may see a seasonal increase in activity in some months, and unless you take preventive and proactive measures, things are likely to go downhill. If you are in Centralia, there are companies like Pointe Pest Control that offer comprehensive services. Hiring the right company is as critical as identifying the problem, and we have enlisted a few pointers that may come in handy. 

Make a list of questions

Interviewing a pest control company is extremely important, and it would be easier to do that when you have a questionnaire handy. Include questions like – 

  1. Are you licensed?
  2. Do you have liability insurance? If yes, can you share the limit? 
  3. Are you a member of professional pest control organizations? If yes, can you share the names?
  4. How long have you been working in this industry?
  5. Are your workers licensed and insured? Are they trained on the job?
  6. What can you tell me about the current pest situation in my home? 
  7. Do you offer a warranty on your pest control work?
  8. Do you have a running deal or promotion?
  9. How long will it take to fix the concern?

Discuss the pest control methods & means

For the longest time, pest control companies have been facing the wrath of environmentalists because many of the products and chemicals frequently used by these businesses are unsafe for the planet. Many pesticides are also unsafe for other animals and even humans. If you are hiring a company for the first time, ask if they know about integrated pest management techniques and how they usually minimize the impact of their pest control work. Companies are now relying on safer means and methods and are also using organic products when possible. 

Get an estimate but look beyond the pricing

Comparing estimates is a good way to sort pest control services, but make sure that you don’t hire a company based on that alone. It is always wise to go with a local service that you can trust, and no matter how small the work may seem, always insist on having a written contract. Check if the discounts and guarantees promised to you are included in the agreement with relevant terms and conditions. 

Get a pest control company today to inspect your home.  

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