Least Costly Ways to Make Your Business Eco-friendly


Going green has been on most companies’ radar for some time. Embracing eco-friendliness is excellent for the environment and helps save the company money and improve sustainability.

Even with these benefits, most businesses are yet to embrace eco-friendly practices due to the high costs involved. This article lists some of the best ways to go green without incurring the high prices.

  • Embrace remote working

Ditching the office to work remotely is one of the effective ways of reducing waste. While most companies had this information, most had not embraced it until the Coronavirus pandemic. The lockdowns and social distance meant employees had to work from home except for essential service providers.

Other than protection from Coronavirus exposure, working remotely is great for the environment. No daily commute means fewer emissions. Staying away from the office also means less paper usage, reduced power consumption, and less plastic usage.

Creating a home office does not cost the business a lot. It lets the employees utilize existing spaces at home and only provide for software and hardware for work.

Some factions claim working remotely only shifts the energy costs and environmental concerns from the office to homes. Studies have, however, confirmed employees are more environmentally conscious at home than in the office.

  • Use alternative energy sources.

Most businesses have failed to adopt alternative energy sources due to accompanying initial costs. Setting up solar systems or geothermal and wind turbines needs a lot of money.

While the projects might be costly, the savings are worth it in the long run. The changes also don’t have to cost so much. Several organizations and the UK government are looking to help businesses become more eco-friendly. They offer financial support and other subsidies.

  • Partner customers in your green strategy

Sound environmental practices are significant in attracting new customers as it sets you apart from your competitors. Better still, it can also help you retain the existing clients and staff.

Customers are willing to support your environment betterment practices by purchasing more and participating in the various projects. Take advantage of this by incorporating the clients. Not only will they feel valued by the business but also become more environment-conscious themselves.

An example of a successful project is the https://www.onlyoakfurniture.co.uk/only-oak-partner-with-one-tree-planted/. Only Oak Furniture donates trees to locations the furniture comes from and involves the customers to give back to the environment.

Retaining customers is less costly than attracting new ones. Incorporating the customers in your environmental projects thus helps save costs.

  • Work with sustainable suppliers.

It doesn’t make sense to embrace eco-friendly practices and involve your customers when you source from any other business. Transform your carbon footprints as a company by embracing green procurement. Collaborate with companies who sustainably produce their products. Consider suppliers who have recyclable or non-toxic products or those made from renewable materials.

A green procurement helps keep your business environment consciousness goals without incurring any costs.

Bottom Line

Embracing an eco-friendly business environment should not be too costly to your business. Use these tips to help you start your journey to an environmentally friendly company.

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