How to Keep the Lawn Beautiful and Healthy?


Periodic pruning- Pruning the lawn is one of the main factors to maintain the vitality of the lawn. In rainy periods, the grass grows faster and may require mowing every 15 days. In the dry climate, the leaves take longer to develop, increasing the intervals between pruning.

There is an ideal pruning height for each type of grass. But, regardless of the planted species, the ideal is not to let the grass exceed seven centimeters in height so that the lawn does not end up with a dry aspect.

Fertilizing – Composting will help the grass to grow vigorously and healthily. A strong and homogeneous lawn does not allow the emergence of weeds. Your supplier will know how to inform you of the correct frequency and fertilization for your lawn.

In highways or places where frequent maintenance is not desirable, periodic fertilization is not recommended. Due to its rusticity, the grass will remain alive and fulfill its function of giving stability to the ground and making a homogeneous coverage of the soil with only rainwater.

Irrigation – Water is the essential element for life! Morning irrigation or good rain a week is enough to keep the lawn healthy. In periods of strong heat, it is recommended to irrigate more often! But remember, a very wet lawn favors the appearance of diseases, such as fungal infestation.


To keep your lawn always beautiful and healthy, it is necessary to follow a frequent maintenance routine. What care should be taken:

Fertilize the lawn at least twice a year, preferably in early spring and late summer;

During dry periods, water the lawn every week;

Once a year, it is necessary to cover the entire lawn with a layer of topsoil (approximately 0.02 cm thick). This care is necessary to ensure the levelness of the lawn;

After mowing the lawn, sweep the lawn very well to remove any residue that may have remained. This is because the cut grasses can form a layer of dry straw that can impair the aeration of the soil;

In very rainy months, the grass can take on a yellowish hue and thin appearance, and this can be an alert to indicate the presence of fungi. So, check the situation and tackle the problem with suitable products.

Necessary Equipment

Having the right equipment in hand (and a lot!) Contributes to the health of the lawn; after all, they are essential at the time of planting and to carry out regular maintenance. It is also advisable to use the help of commercial landscaper in Milwaukee if you are in that part of the world to help you professionally maintain your lawn.

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