Guide to Obtaining Swimming Pool Certification in Sydney


If you are planning to build a pool on your property, there is a lot to consider. Aside from the design and construction of the pool, safety is a prime concern and in NSW, every swimming pool must be compliant with state regulations. Obtaining a pool compliance certificate is quite straightforward, providing the pool, fencing, gate and surrounds, all pass an inspection.
In this article, we outline the requirements and offer advice on who to contact when you are ready to have the pool inspected.
Pool Certification: The Requirements
In order to obtain your Certificate of Compliance, the following guidelines must be followed.
• Pool Barrier/Fencing – The fencing must be of a height stated according to the size of the pool, with no gaps exceeding 100mm and all vertical components, as horizontal could provide a foothold for a child.
• Pool Gate – The gate must be at least 1200mm in height and outward opening, plus it must be self-latching and automatically close from any position. The gate release must be located at least 1500mm from the ground and hinges need to have special bevelled covers fitted, so as not to provide a foothold.
• Inside the Pool Area – The only items permitted inside the pool area are fixed slides and pool filtration equipment; there can be no outdoor furniture, BBQ, or any other item inside the pool area. Permanent shading is allowed, but nothing else, so remove washing lines and any other items that might be stored inside the pool area.
• Surrounding Area – There should be nothing within a 1200mm perimeter of the pool fencing and that includes trees, shrubs and plants, as they could be used as climbing aid by a child trying to enter the pool area. If you are not sure, take a tape measure and check the distance between a tree branch or bracket and the pool fencing. Once you think you are ready for pool certification in Stanhope Gardens, search online for a state-approved pool certification company and book an inspection.

If your pool passes the inspection, you will be issued with a ‘Pool Compliance Certificate’, which is valid for 3 years and in the unlikely event the pool does not meet the requirements, you would be issued with a ‘Non-Compliance Certificate’, which is valid for 12 months and when the property is sold, the new owner must make the pool safe within 90 days.

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