Benefits of Growing Stevia Plants in Your Herb Garden


Stevia is one of the herbs you can grow in your herb garden, pots, or containers. The herb is also known as a ‘sweet herb’ thanks to its sweet taste. Stevia plants will do well in fertile, well-drained soils and prefer a pH range of 5-7.5. The sweet herb also prefers full sun but can do well indoors when planted in pots or containers. It will definitely do well when you water it regularly. Keep reading to learn the benefits of growing stevia plants in your herb garden.

A Healthier Alternative to Processed Sugar

When you plant stevia plants for sale in your herb garden, you will get a healthier alternative to processed sugar. Stevia is 15 times stronger than regular sugar cane. However, the sweetness depends on the growing conditions and the stage of harvesting. You can use fresh or dried leaves or stems to sweeten your tea, coffee, desserts, custard, and drinks. But you may not use it when baking as that requires processed sugar.

You Will Likely Save Money

When you plant stevia plants in your yard, you may save money that you could spend to buy processed sugars for tea and drinks. Whenever you want to sweeten your drinks and dishes, you only need to get to your garden, pluck a few leaves, and use them. Also, you don’t have to buy these herbs at the grocery whenever you want to use them to prepare your homemade drinks or dishes.

Add Color to Your Home

Creating a stevia herb garden in your yard will enhance your home’s curb appeal. Stevia plants for sale are beautiful and will transform your outdoor space. In addition, you can plant the herbs in pots or containers and put them indoors to improve your home’s interior appearance. The herbs will also bring your home a nice scent and fresh air.

Tending and Touring Your Herb Garden is Fun

Nothing more relaxing than tending to your herb garden after work or during your free time. Whenever you want to relax and unwind, you should go to your stevia herb garden and take care of the sweet plants. You will feel relaxed and feel fulfilled when you see the plants grow well. So growing stevia plants in your garden will help nourish your soul and mind whenever you feel stressed and overwhelmed by life. Just visit the garden, water the plants, and take care of them and you will feel the magic.

It can Be a Starting Point for Growing More Herbs 

Growing stevia plants for sale as the only herb in your garden can be boring. You can grow more than one herb in your yard, so you will have more herbs to enhance your recipes and dishes. You can grow stevia with thyme and marjoram. Alternatively, you can extend your herb garden and grow other herbs like artichokes, mint orange, parsley, turmeric, and more. When you have a herb garden with different herbs, you will save more on spices and add variety to your dishes.

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