Architecture and design are important parts of any home or building. Not only does the architecture serve many practical purposes, but it is also a highly impressive art form, enjoyed by many. A lot of architects have found fame through their work because of how much people appreciate their finished projects. 

For example, most of the homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright are considered historic places and are often featured in print. Some even offer tours. But as beautiful as a nice piece of architecture can be, did you know about all of the different ways in which it can affect your life? Here are 2 examples. 


Certain buildings have multiple staircases, while others are all on one level or feature ramps or elevators. Of course, for anyone with mobility issues, multiple staircases can be an issue. Homes and buildings are designed with very specific intent in mind, but there is no doubt that some can be more difficult to get around than others.  

You may purchase a home in your 20s or 30s when you are active and mobile, but if you end up living in that house for a long time you could end up having issues getting around it later on. Once you reach retirement, you may simply start slowing down due to age, or you may have an injury at some point along the way that will leave you unable to climb stairs or otherwise get around the home. These are things to consider when choosing which home to buy, especially if you plan on being there awhile. 


If you have ever purchased a home or plan to in the future, you likely know that one of the biggest obstacles home buyers have to go through is the major costs involved. Houses are expensive, especially in today’s competitive market. Depending on what area you are looking to purchase in, it can be difficult to come up with the funds needed. 

Unfortunately, if you are a fan of extraordinary architecture and you want to purchase a home with a desirable architectural design, this can make the costs you’re looking at rise even further. 

Homes that were designed by certain architects will be worth much more than your average home, and sometimes may not hold onto this value. Although it can be tempting to want to purchase a home that is designed a certain way, try to be practical and ask yourself if it is really worth what it will end up costing you. 

Architecture is fun to learn about, talk about, and marvel at. It can also affect your life in so many different ways that you never even realized before. Hopefully this list has helped you to realize this. 

Ailani Koda